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Best Prcies for Rio Carnival Parades

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Find the best tickets tor Rio's carnival parades

Find The Best Tickets For Rio's Carnival Parades


The most cheerful seats. These seats are un numbered, you can sit wherever you like within the tribune. Their upper position allows good view of the entire parade.

Starting at $20.00 USD

Front Box

Located at floor level, as close to the parade as it gets, in four rows of boxes, from A to D. Each box sits six people in numbered chairs. Intimate and exclusive viewing experience.

Starting at $80.00 USD

VIP Lounge

The most luxuriouse experience in Rio's Carnival! Private party within the party. Enjoy deliciouse buffee, premium drinks, spa, excelent view to the parade and much more.

Starting at $425 USD

Each ticket purchased with us includes:

International Customer Support

Our professional staff, speaking English, Franch, Spanish, Hebrew and Portuguese will be waiting for you at the Sambadrome, every night of the parades.

Accompanied Journey

Guided trips to the Sambadrome from our hospitality center, at two fixed times, with metro inbound fare included

Carnival Guide book

Every ticket includes an E-book with all the important information about Rio Carnival

Our Carnival hospitality Center

We are waiting for you at Copacabana to collect your tickets. We would also be happy to assist with information and support during all days of the carnival.

Florianopolis' Carnival

The carnival shop

Get in the mood for Rio's Carnival with a joyful tour behind the scenes of the carnival, schedule an exclusive shuttel services to the show or book your tickets delivery to your hotel.

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How can I collect my tickets?

When purchasing your carnival tickets from Rio Tickets, you will receive a comfirmation email with your reservation number. Save this email, it will be necessary as proof in order to claim your actual tickets when you arrive in Rio. 

When in Rio, come to our Carnival Center located at the Arena Copacabana Hotel to collect your tickets in person. Alternatively, If you prefer, we can have them delivered to your hotel at an additional cost.

Can I cancel my reservation or make changes?

Tickets can be canceled or altered until October 30th, 2024. To cancel a reservation, please contact one of our specialists directly.

VIP Lounges can not be canceled or changed in any case.

As of November 1st, 2024 no tickets or VIP Lounge tickets can be refunded or canceled, and will be subject to a cancellation fee.
If the show is postponed, then your tickets will be automatically altered to the new dates, however we won't be able to refund the tickets. 

Requests must be made under the same name as stated in your documents. If the name of the buyer needs to be changed, simply send us an email with the new name and your order confirmation.

To change your email, simply send us a copy of your passport and the order confirmation.

Where should I stay in Rio?

The South zone is the most popular area to stay and the most recommended. The neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are the best, safest, although most expensive. Lapa, Flamengo and Botafogo are usually more affordable while still have good access to all tourist activities.

Which are the best seats in the sambodromo?

For a detailed list of all the sections in the Sambadromo, including tips on how to get there and where to sit, please see our page about the Sambadrome.

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