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Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade

When Is Rio's Carnival of 2025?

Carnival in Brazil happens every year and is celebrated for five days, 40 days before Easter. It starts on Friday and ends on the Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday. Like Easter, the exact date of Carnaval changes every year.

In 2025 Carnival will begin on Friday, February 28th and will end on Tuesday, March 4th. 

The Winner's Parade is on Saturday 8th of March. 

How do the Parades work?

For a detailed description of how the Parades and the judging criteria of the Samba Schools work, head over to our Samba Schools blog post.

Which days of the parade considered to be the most impressive? 

The most grandiose and impressive parades are those of the Special Group, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. In these days the best of the best Samba schools parade for about 90 min each and comete on the title of the best samba school in Rio de Janeiro.

Before Purchasing Your Tickets

How and when should I book my tickets?

Sales for the parades always begin in May of the previous year. It is always good to book as early as possible, to ensure the best prices and enjoy early bird promotions.

Do Rio Tickets offer discounts for groups?

We always offer the best ticket value for all our customers, therefor we don't have special pormotion just for groups. However, large groups can enjoy other exclusive offers such as: private transportation, carnival accessories and no shipping fees for tickets.

Which are the best seats in the Sambadrome?

For a detailed list of all the sections in the Sambadrome, including tips on how to get there and where to sit, please see our page about the Sambadrome.

Can children come watch the parade?

Yes! The experience of the parades is absolutely kid-friendly and many parents have fun taking their little ones along. The minimum age to enter the Sambadrome is 6 years old.

Are there any areas for people with special needs?

The two areas dedicated to people with physical disabilities are located after Sector 13 (300 seats with companion seat) and Sector 10 (12 seats with a companion seat). In the bleachers of sectors 2, 4, 6 and 8 there are also reserved places for up to 8 wheelchairs per sector.

I heard that I can parade with the schools. How can I do that?

It is possible to purchase a costume from one of the Samba schools and parade alongside the passistas and drums section. Rio Tickets helps to intermediate this experience with the schools. Find more information by clicking here.

Can I parade for a school and watch from the grandstand on the same day?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Aside from the fact that you would need two separate tickets (the costume and a ticket for the Sambadrome), those who parade must be at least three hours in advance at the place and therefore would miss seeing most of the other schools.

After Purchasing Your Tickets

How can I collect my tickets?

When purchasing your carnival tickets from Rio Tickets, you will receive a comfirmation email with your reservation number. Save this email, it will be necessary as proof in order to claim your actual tickets when you arrive in Rio. 

When in Rio, come to our Carnival Center located at the Arena Copacabana Hotel to collect your tickets in person. Alternatively, If you prefer, we can have them delivered to your hotel at an additional cost.

Can I cancel my reservation or make changes?

Tickets can be canceled until October 31, 2024 with 10% Service fee. To cancel a reservation, please contact one of our specialists directly.

VIP Lounges can not be canceled or changed in any case.

As of November 1st, 2024 no tickets or VIP Lounge tickets can be refunded or canceled, and will be subject to a cancellation fee.
If the show is postponed, then your tickets will be automatically altered to the new dates, however we won't be able to refund the tickets. 

Requests must be made under the same name as stated in your documents. If the name of the buyer needs to be changed, simply send us an email with the new name and your order confirmation.

To change your email, simply send us a copy of your passport and the order confirmation.

How can I make sure my reservation went through successfully? 

You will receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours from the time of purchase, please contact us.

What documents do I need to present when collecting my tickets?

After arriving in Rio, head to our Carnival center at Arena Copacabana Hotel, where you can receive all the necessary information about Rio's Carnival. To collect your tickets, simply present the receipt we sent you by email, along with a copy of your ID or passport.

Please note that the tickets can only be collected with the document of the same name that appears on the reservation. 

If you prefer, we also offer delivery service to your hotel. Learn more by clicking here.

How to get to the Sambadrome?

• For the odd-numbered sectors, the best ways to access the Sambadrome are by taxi or subway (Estação Central/Central Station).

• For the even-numbered sectors, it is recommended to take the subway to the Praça Onze station.It's not recommended to go by car because there is no parking in the area.

• Municipal buses are also not recommended because they are not safe on carnival nights.

• Shuttle Transfers are also available from a list of the best hotels in Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Botafogo, Barra da Tijuca and Centro. Reserve your shuttle now and save yourself the hassle on the night of the party! Learn more by clicking here.

I purchased the Folia tropical VIP Lounge, where and when is the pickup?

The transport round trip to the Sambodromo is made with a van or microbuses with all the credentials necessary and are air condicioned

To go to Sambodromo: 

Zona SulMonte Líbano (Lagoa):

Saturday: 20h/21h/22h/23h/00h

Sunday, Monday and Saturday's Winners Parade: 19h30, 20h30, 21h30, 22h30, 23h30, 00h.

Barra da TijucaWindsor Oceânico (Posto 3)

Saturday: 19h30, 20h30, 21h30, 22h30, 23h30.

Sunday, Monday and Saturday's Winners Parade: 18h45, 19h45, 20h45, 21h45, 22h45, 23h45

Rio de Janeiro During Carnaval

Where should I stay in Rio?

The South zone is the most popular area to stay and the most recommended. The neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are the safest and closests to the beach although most expensive. Lapa, Flamengo and Botafogo are usually cheaper and also have good access to all tourist activities.

What activities does Rio offer during the day?

In addition to stuning beaches, museums and architectural beauties, Rio is also home to more than 500 street parties, which take place all around the city during Carnival days.

Also in the spirit of Carnival, we recommend a visit to the Samba City. Founded in 2006, the complex offers various activities related to the biggest Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro. Learn more by clicking here.

How about nightlife?

The Rio Carnival also offers many parties and balls with international DJs and coveted tickets. Check out a list of our recommendations on the Private Parties page.

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