Terms, Conditions and Refund Policy – Rio Tickets



By continuing with your purchase you are agree to the cancellation / refund policy as detailed below:

1. Each tickets includes in the fare: Guided trips to the Sambadrome from our hospitality center, at two fixed times, with metro inbound fare included. In order to the benefit you will need to arrive to the meeting point at the schedule time. The metro fare will aply only for those who will follow these requirements. The guides will accompanied to the even sectors of the stadium.

2. Grandstand tickets, Front Box tickets, Allocated chairs tickets and VIP Lounge tickets can physical tickets and or digital tickets.  After the purchase, the customer will receive an email with the ticket voucher that should be exchanged to the physical/Digital carnival ticket at our hospitality  Tickets Center that will be open during carnival week. Refusing receving Digital or Physical tickets won't be reason for a refund. 

3. The opening hours of Our Carnival Center will be given by email after the purchase.

4. Grandstand tickets and Front box tickets can be canceled or postponed/altered until October 31th 2024 with a 10% service fee. As of November 1st 2024, Grandstand tickets and Front box tickets can not be refunded or canceled, and will be subject to a full cancellation fee. To cancel a reservation, please contact us via email at: info@rio-tickets.com

5. Customers who purchased delivery service do not need to arrive to the Carnival Center. The tickets will be delivered after confirmation of address, location, date and time of the delivery by the costumer.

6. Customers who have purchased VIP lounge tickets will receive vouchers by email after purchase, along with information on where to pick up tickets (some of the VIP Lounges includes T-shirts of their choice). Pickup  of tickets and T-shirt must be made by customers prior to the beginning of the parade at the hours and location published by the specific VIP lounge they have purchased, and the info that were sent to the customer.

7. Front Box tickets refer to the line of where you purchase. when selecting Raws C-D, you can get tickets to raws C or D, when selecting Raws A-B, you can get tickets to raws A or B.

8. In some cases we keep our right to give a different tickets than purchase, we will offer the same category,  or upgrade of the category. In case of the client refuse we will provide a full refund. 

9. VIP lounges (Camarotes) require the use of the identification shirt and/or wristband that will be delivered by them when exchanging vouchers for VIP lounge tickets.

10. VIP Lounges tickets cannot be canceled or refunded once purchase is done. 

11. In case that the show will be postponed due to Covid-19 regulations, we will provide you with alternative ticket to the new dates. Refund won't be possible.

12. Changes of names is possible - Requests must be made under the same name as stated in your reservation. If the name of the buyer needs to be changed, simply send us an email with the new name and your order confirmation.
To change your email, simply send us a copy of your passport and the order confirmation, no Longer than 3 days prior to the show. 

12. Transfers - Cancellations can be made up to 30 days prior to Carnaval.

13. Tickets delivery - Cancellation is possible up to 14 days prior to the show. 

14. Our Rio Carnival tickets are non-nominal, meaning once they are in your possession, whether delivered or picked up, they become solely your responsibility. We do not provide replacements for tickets lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced, and please be aware that refunds will not be issued under any of these circumstances.

14. The organizers committee of Rio Carnival Samba School may decide of specific restriction in order to attend the carnival parades. Restrictions such as: Passport Covid in order to enter the stadium, or even showing negative test or any other restriction. failing to do so won't be a reason for a refund. 

15. By juvenile law in Brazil, children under the age of six years old are not permitted to enter the Sambadrome. Please be aware that it will not be possible to exchange / cancel tickets for this reason and that Rio-Tickets won't accept complain regarding tickets that were purchased to children under the age of 6 years old.