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Hanging out in the middle of the crowd in the scorching sun is not for you? Don't worry, Rio's Carnival has much more to offer than just parades and street parties!

For those who prefer something more exclusive without missing out on the carnival joy, there are numerous parties around the city - some private and with extremely selective entrance. With tickets almost as popular as the parades, closed parties and galas appeal to those who wish to listen to internationally-known DJs, taste a gourmet menu or enjoy elegant drinks.

One of these luxurious balls is the famous Gala Ball of hotel Copacabana Palace with tickets ranging from R$2,100 to R$5,786 and mandatory black tie attire. It usually attracts celebrities and well-known figures of the Brazilian society. Next to the Municipal Theater, Scala Rio is known for hosting numerous galas, of which the Baile da Cidade Maravilhosa and the Gay Gala - aimed at the LGBT audience - are the most famous.

A high-class party that has attracted a great deal of attention lately is the Rio Carnival Music, a huge event that combines the best of electronic music and DJs from around the world with the perfect view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Other popular dance parties include the Clube Monte Líbano, Feijoada do Amaral and the Official Dance of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

For less exclusive parties with more accessible tickets (but still very fun!) it's worth checking out the clubes de dança and gafieiras, such as Clube Democráticos, Gafieira Estudantina Musical and Clube Municipal da Tijuca. There are also open events organized by the prefecture in areas such as Cinelândia and Lapa (Marechal Floriano Square).

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